Control your profiles using Android Broadcasts (Overlays Pro)

Maximize your control!

Find your profile ID (required for profile specific broadcasts):

Your Global profile ID will show in the profile settings dialog.

Your Global profile ID will show in the profile settings dialog.

Supported broadcasts:
1. com.applay.overlay.profile.SHOW – Show a profile. Must specify EXTRA_PROFILE_ID extra.
2. com.applay.overlay.profile.HIDE – Hide a profile. Must specify EXTRA_PROFILE_ID extra.
3. com.applay.overlay.profile.TOGGLE – Toggle profile state. Must specify EXTRA_PROFILE_ID extra.
4. – Start Overlays background services.
5. – Stop Overlays background services.

Intent showProfile = new Intent("com.applay.overlay.profile.SHOW");
showProfile.putExtra(EXTRA_PROFILE_ID, 14);

You can also send broadcast using Tasker or any other 3rd party application.

Blacklist (Overlays Pro)

Sometimes you want a profile to float everywhere except when you’re in a specific application. For example, you created a profile that floats the Gmail widget everywhere but you want it to disappear when you open the Gmail application. Well, now you can!

Overlays Settings

With Overlays, we’re trying to keep the application as open as it can be and give you, the user, control of everything. Besides the settings per overlay, we’ve added some application settings that enables you to choose how things work and look.

How it’s done?
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Manage your Overlays Profiles

With Overlays, you can create as much profiles as you want. This way, you don’t have to re-create and re-arrange your widgets every time you feel like changing something.
You can turn off/on every profile or shut them all down!

Global profile

Application Profile

Overlays Shortcuts

To make it easier to use and more accessible, Overlays allows you to create shortcuts for your profiles and place them on your launcher or even inside an Overlays profile!
Using the shortcuts will enable you to quickly show, hide or toggle profiles without the need to open the Overlays application.

How to integrate with Tasker

Tasker (Overlays Pro)

Overlays Pro provides a rich Tasker integration, that enables you to enhance your control on when to show certain profiles.
With Tasker, you’ll be able to show, hide or toggle every profile when you plug your headphones, receive an incoming call, rotate your device, press a button, etc.

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